Our New Hybrid-Electric Catamaran (HH44 full tour)

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Today marks the 1-month anniversary of moving aboard their new boat, named "Curiosity", emphasizing their passion for exploration and off-grid living.


Curiosity is equipped with off-grid capabilities, including solar panels, hydro regeneration, rain capture, lithium-ion battery bank, and hybrid electric motors, enabling them to reach remote destinations.


Despite the high-tech systems, there are still challenges to overcome, including optimizing the hybrid drive system and improving motoring speed.


The boat includes a dedicated workshop area for projects, a testament to their self-reliance and the importance of having a functional space for maintenance and repairs.


Living on Curiosity involves a significant learning curve, adjusting to new systems and sails, underscoring the ongoing journey of adaptation and growth.


Their tender, an OC tender with electric jet propulsion, demonstrates their commitment to efficiency and environmental consciousness, even in selecting accessories for Curiosity.


The integration of modern technology, such as a fuel polishing system and advanced electrical setups, shows their focus on reliability and sustainability on the seas.


The thoughtful design of living spaces, including the galley and cabins, reflects a balance between functionality, comfort, and the joy of living at sea.


The choice of fresh water over seawater toilets and the inclusion of amenities like air conditioning and a dishwasher highlight a luxury yet practical onboard lifestyle.

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What is the name of their sailboat and why did they choose it?

Their sailboat is named "Curiosity" because it represents their drive to explore. It is technically their second boat named Curiosity.

Why did they decide to purchase a new boat?

After sailing their first boat, a 2005 Leopard 43, halfway around the world, they wanted a boat with more speed and off-grid capabilities for reaching remote destinations.

What are some unique features of their new sailboat?

Curiosity has 4,232 watts of solar, hydro regeneration, rain capture, a 43.2 kWh lithium-ion battery bank, and hybrid electric motors.

How do they manage their energy needs?

With their boat's off-grid capabilities, they drastically reduce their need for fuel and don't have to go to a marina to plug in or get water.

What challenges have they faced with their new sailboat?

While some systems are working better than expected, others are still being worked out. They also faced a challenge with their hybrid drive's programming due to different propellers.

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00:00 "Today marks the 1-month anniversary of moving aboard, which feels like the perfect time to give you a tour."

00:15 "This is Curiosity, and we named it that because it's what drives us to explore. Technically this is Curiosity number two because our first boat was a 2005 Leopard 43."


01:02 "HH made an announcement that they were going to be building a brand new boat from the ground up with pretty much everything on our list."


02:07 "Curiosity is an HH44 OC which means Ocean Cruising...she has 4,232 watts of solar, Hydro regeneration, a 43.2 kWh lithium-ion battery bank, and of course hybrid electric motors."


03:00 "Still been a challenge and I just don't want to paint a picture that somehow we are making our way through all of this like a hot knife through butter."


04:01 "Thanks to BetterHelp, it has never been easier or more affordable to connect with a licensed therapist."


05:03 "Our preferred mode of transportation and propulsion is by sail using the wind."


12:02 "We've got a B&G Zeus 3 chart plotter and we've also got a Lumar anchor controls and chain counter here at the helm as well."


13:58 "These are electronic ZF Drive control so these are electric throttles...we can operate on two independent electrics, two independent diesels, or we can turn them into generators."


17:40 "This is our tender so we went with an OC Tender...it is super lightweight and because it is so lightweight and so efficient when it moves through the water, it's the perfect platform for electric propulsion."


22:03 "Welcome to my galley...the U-shape has always been my favorite...we have this big beautiful sink and faucet and of course our Acuva which is a UV LED water filtration system."


29:21 "Everything is controlled right here for the boat, this is our PowerPlex, it has lighting, plumbing, climate control, deck hardware."


33:38 "This is our workshop...we loved that they offered this option because it is the one thing we very much wish we always had on our last boat, which was just a space to take on projects."


39:01 "This is our guest cabin and it is very comfortable...you get the same luxuries that we have. You have a nice closet here, some storage back here."


44:02 "This is our cabin...queen-size bed, really comfortable mattresses, nice lighting, cubbies. I just like the overall aesthetics of everything."

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