A Driving Horror Game with Killer Cars - Decimate Drive

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The video is a gameplay walkthrough of "Desma Drive," a unique driving horror game where cars are the predators, and the player is on foot trying to survive in a killer car-infected city.


Unlike typical horror games, "Desma Drive" features autonomous vehicles as the main threat, creating a stressful and intense gameplay experience as players run from faster, deadly cars.


The game incorporates survival mechanics, including the need to find help or a pay phone, while navigating through dark, snow-covered streets and avoiding homicidal vehicles.


Players must unravel the mystery of how they ended up in this dangerous situation, with clues provided through gameplay and environmental storytelling.


Detail-oriented gameplay is emphasized, with actions such as leaving footprints in the snow, which adds to the immersive horror experience.


There's a narrative layer involving characters like Frank and Andrea, hinting at a deeper backstory and possibly motivating the player's current predicament.


The gameplay is described as highly intense and stressful, with players needing to use strategy and quick thinking to evade the killer cars, showcasing the game's dynamic AI.


Sound design, including music and environmental sounds, plays a crucial role in building tension and enhancing the horror atmosphere of the game.


Lighting and visibility are used creatively to affect gameplay and player perception, with areas of safety marked by bright lights or pay phones, contrasting with the generally dark and threatening environment.


The game appears to offer choices that impact the narrative or gameplay, suggesting multiple endings or paths based on player decisions.

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What is "Desma Drive"?

โ€”A driving horror game where cars try to kill the player, who is on foot, trying to survive.

How does the player navigate in "Desma Drive"?

โ€”Players can look behind by pressing E, but cannot run very well. They must avoid killer cars while exploring the environment.

What unusual features do the cars in "Desma Drive" have?

โ€”Cars can grow teeth and exhibit behaviors like biting, indicating they are the primary threat in the game.

What strategy does the player use to avoid cars?

โ€”The player tries to hide and make strategic moves to evade cars, using obstacles and the game's mechanics like looking behind and sprinting.

Timestamped Summary


00:00 "Oh, here we are. So, I'm excited to check out this game. This is Desma Drive. Welcome, uh, it is a damn night shift. Let's head home. It is a driving horror game, but not a driving horror game like you expect. The cars in this one are the ones that are going to try to kill us, and we're on foot trying to stay alive."


03:02 "The harest is the end of the age and the reapers are angels."


03:22 "It's a very bright payphone. Let me guess, it's going to be Frank, or it's going to be a car on the phone. Why is it so bright?"


04:17 "Uh-oh, uh-oh. See that? It's driving around; it's going to try and kill me."


06:55 "Okay, this is... I've never played a horror game like this. Wait, I'm alive. Holy... The guy came out of nowhere. Please run. Help. You can't get here. Scared the [ __ ] out of me, dude."


11:27 "Oh no, oh no, oh no. What the [ __ ]? Oh no, dude. Did you hear the screams? The sh*t's terrifying."


14:01 "Gunshots. Maybe Frank hasn't been able to get out either."


25:26 "Police. Uh, police is on fire. This cop is on fire."


30:04 "Oh, someone got shot. The text was overlapping. They locked me in a room. Okay, I see another phone. It really happened. Damn, how long was I out for?"


42:31 "Yes, oh my God. There's a baby crying in the car. Holy... There's two; one has crazy music, the other has a baby."


52:48 "Oh, I'm out. Are we, though? I see a car right there. Uh, hello? I'm finally out. I don't think you're out. There's something coming for you."

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