Nostradamus Effect: Mysterious Doomsday Hieroglyphs (S1, E10) | Full Episode

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Prophecies from ancient civilizations like the Egyptians, Mayans, and Hopi Indians all hint at a catastrophic end to our world, suggesting a convergence of doomsday predictions with current events, termed the Nostradamus Effect.


The Great Pyramid of Giza, one of the ancient world's wonders, is theorized to be more than just a tomb; some believe it's a calendar predicting doomsday within this decade.


Documents like the "Kolbrin Bible" and the "Book of the Dead" allegedly contain prophecies of a nuclear holocaust or a cataclysm caused by extraterrestrial forces, suggesting an imminent end.


The Orion constellation plays a significant role in Egyptian mythology, believed to guide the pharaohs in the afterlife. This celestial focus hints at a deep connection between astronomical events and Egypt's doomsday prophecies.


Recent discoveries and ongoing mysteries, like the sealed doors in the Great Pyramid's shafts or the hidden chambers beneath the Sphinx, continue to fuel speculation about ancient knowledge of our potential demise.


Speculation about hidden chambers and artifacts, like the Great Pyramid's missing capstone, suggest that ancient Egyptians might have left behind mechanisms or knowledge that could avert the predicted apocalypse.


Despite skepticism from scientists, believers in ancient prophecies hold that catastrophic events aligning with these predictions could drastically change our world, underscoring the timeless intrigue of these ancient foretellings.

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What is the Nostradamus Effect?

โ€”The theoretical convergence between doomsday prophecies and today's events.

How does the Great Pyramid of Giza relate to doomsday predictions?

โ€”Some theorize it's not just a royal tomb but a doomsday calendar with a timeline ending in this decade.

What did the ancient Egyptians predict according to some interpreters?

โ€”They foretold a nuclear holocaust or a cataclysm caused by a force beyond our solar system.

What is the "Kolbrin Bible" and what does it predict?

โ€”A recently rediscovered document that some believe predicts global devastation by a celestial body called the Destroyer.

Timestamped Summary


00:03 "Prophecies of the pharaohs hidden in plain sight."


00:59 "Five miles from Cairo towers the crowning achievement of ancient Egypt--the Great Pyramid of Giza...a doomsday calendar."


02:00 "Some believe these hieroglyphs, from a text called the 'Book of the Dead,' also foretell that our end is near."


03:08 "Perhaps the most extraordinary claim concerning prophecies of ancient Egypt is that the Great Pyramid foretold the events of September 11."


06:40 "One important fact is that...there could only be one means of communicating the information that the ancients had and that was through mathematics and astronomy."


11:06 "Finally, when you measure all the way up to the King's Chamber, at the end of the King's Chamber, we have the date September 2001."


13:05 "Egypt's Great Pyramid, many believe this ancient wonder is not the monumental tomb of a pharaoh but a doomsday calendar."


14:00 "Some contend that a secret brotherhood has received and guarded knowledge of the prophecy through the ages, passing it onward among its ranks. The mysterious order called the Freemasons."


20:18 "According to some, the Great Pyramid is a calendar of doomsday warning that the end of days is near."


31:03 "It is called the 'Kolbrin Bible.'"


34:20 "But scientists reject this assertion. Astronomers have done enough celestial mechanics studies to conclude that there's been no fly-by at any time in human history."


38:12 "Whether the apocalypse is wrought by...or by nature, believers are certain that ancient Egyptian prophecy and current events are converging and that the doomsday countdown has begun."

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