We Survived 100 HOURS Trapped in Brawl Stars!

Key insights


Two of the world's best Brawl Stars players embarked on a week-long challenge to break as many world records as possible, equipped with Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultras and surviving on limited resources.


Throughout the challenge, they faced cold temperatures, basic living conditions, and the pressure to earn essential items by breaking world records. Despite these challenges, they remained focused on their goal.


Friendship and teamwork played a crucial role in their journey, as they supported each other through ups and downs, sharing both successes and the struggle of living in confined conditions.


They managed to break multiple world records, showcasing their skills and determination. Each record broken not only brought them closer to their goal but also allowed them to earn rewards that improved their living conditions during the challenge.


Collaboration with other Brawl Stars players and support from their loved ones helped them stay motivated and focused, highlighting the importance of community and emotional support in achieving difficult goals.


The challenge demonstrated the power of perseverance, strategy, and the willingness to push beyond limits. It was a testament to what can be achieved with dedication, teamwork, and the right technology.

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What challenge were the players presented with for survival?

—They were locked in a room for an entire week to beat as many world records as possible, equipped only with Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultras and basic necessities.

How could players earn additional items during their challenge?

—By beating world records, they earned an item of their choice from the market.

What was the temperature control situation in the room?

—The room was set to 60°, and they did not have control over the AC, affecting their ability to complete challenges.

What were the basic amenities provided to the players?

—They had just enough food and water to last the week, a bathroom with a shower they had to earn access to, and no bed unless they beat a world record.

Timestamped Summary


00:00 "These are two of the best Brawl Star players in the world and to prove it they're going to be locked in this room for an entire week to beat as many world records as possible to survive. Welcome to your new home, presented by Samsung."


00:22 "Do I have a bed? You can get a bed... We got some beans, okay beans have protein, some fats in them, you got some carbs and fiber. I don't like beans."


00:30 "The billboard of challenges AKA World Records. What do you think you would buy from the market? And for each world record that they beat, they'll earn an item of their choice from the market."


00:43 "This is 60° right now and if he's shivering the entire time, you're not going to be pulling off any of these challenges. Think about that."


01:19 "There's a scary man in there... Wait, do we get multiple meals? Like we like cuz there's meals up there says meal of your choice."


02:07 "My hands are cold. I can't play like this."


03:08 "Gotcha! Y Y Y... You don't call me a Buzz Master for nothing. Gotcha! A I missed. Dude, they're just camping. Nubs got so lucky. Guess the world records for a reason."


03:29 "29 seconds, one person died, I killed one person and everybody else is still alive. There's no way."


05:36 "That was a good try. That might have been it. Oh, we definitely didn't beat it. But I'm so hungry. We can crack our first can of beans. Let's go be some beans."


11:21 "Hello, this is night one. This is literally my bed. I'm literally on the floor. I don't know if you can tell. I'm just hoping tomorrow I wake up and OJ tells me I broke a record."


16:07 "We're on pace to crush this record... We cut the world record in half. Take another one off the list."


20:06 "But Wasim was determined to finish what he started... Hello, let's try again. Frick. Thank you for joining me on this journey. See you later. Try again tomorrow."


29:20 "This is amazing, this is amazing. Just going to heal up. Then when Piper respawns we kill the Leon. On Piper respawn! Vier! What? Oh, he went that way. All right, now I hide behind your things."


39:02 "Give me a hug dude, give me a hug. We're out of here, we're out! It was a crazy 5-day adventure. You did the Duos in the beginning when it was impossible, you kept grinding until 5:00 AM."

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