ranking every PetiteKnit pattern I've ever knit | looking back at each project, pros and cons

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The video features a tier ranking of various petite knit patterns, sharing detailed insights on each, from the knitting process to the final product's wearability.


Among the patterns discussed, the "Monday Sweater" received the highest ranking, an S, praised for its staple and basic qualities, versatility, and the likelihood of being knitted again.


The "Sophie Scarf" and the "Weekend Hat" were given the lowest rankings, a D, due to their limited practicality and wearability, despite their popularity and aesthetic appeal.


The video includes suggestions for potential future tier rankings, inviting viewers to contribute ideas for categories to rank, such as sweaters, warm weather knits, or yarns used.


Insights into specific patterns highlight the importance of considering yarn choice, gauge, and personal style in achieving the desired fit and functionality of the knitted item.


The presenter encourages viewers to share their thoughts and preferences for future video content, emphasizing engagement and community interaction within the knitting sphere.

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What inspired Amy's video on ranking Petite Knit patterns?

โ€”Amy decided to rank every Petite Knit pattern she has knit, inspired by her admiration for Petite Knit's designs and the accumulation of 10 to 15 projects over the years.

How does Amy rate the patterns in her video?

โ€”Amy uses a tier ranking scale from S to F, with S being superb or super, indicating an absolutely perfect pattern, and F indicating a failure or a pattern she found lacking.

Which pattern received an S rating, and why?

โ€”The Monday sweater received an S rating for being a staple basic piece that fits well into Amy's wardrobe, highlighting its simplicity and wearability.

What were Amy's main criticisms of the patterns she ranked lowest?

โ€”For the Sophie Scarf and the Weekend Hat, which received D ratings, Amy was disappointed with their practicality and wearability, indicating these patterns didn't meet her lifestyle needs.

Timestamped Summary


00:00 "I think this is going to be a fun video."


00:02 "Hi everyone, welcome to or welcome back to my channel. It's my name is Amy, and here I talk about all things sitting. And today's video is a tier ranking of every petite knit pattern that I have knit."


00:19 "I'm a Knitter based out of Massachusetts, not too far from Boston, and I've been knitting garments for about 3 and 1/2 years."


04:02 "Zipper sweater... I think I'll rank this a C, you know, right in the middle."


07:35 "Friday slipover v-neck... I'm going to give this a B."


11:02 "Moi sweater... I'm going to give the Moi sweater an A."


15:10 "Monday sweater gets S."


18:55 "Sophie scarf... I am going to be a little bit harsh on the Sophie scarf and give it a D- rating."


21:11 "Weekend hat... I'm going to also give this one a D."


29:51 "This is the Oslo sweater... I'm going to give this a B."


34:38 "Poppy tea... My last petite knit project for the tier ranking is going to get a C."

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