StarCraft 2: BEST Series of the Month! - Stats vs Dark! (GSL Code S)

Key insights


Stats's careful and defensive playstyle, known as "The Shield of Aiur," showcases his strength in patience and strategic engagements, securing a win against Dark in a best-of-three series.


Throughout the series, Stats demonstrated excellent army splitting and multitasking, effectively managing multiple fronts and harassing while defending his own bases against Dark's aggression.


Dark's adaptability and strategic diversity were evident as he switched between various compositions and tactics, attempting to exploit Stats's defensive play but ultimately falling short.


Despite Stats's victory, there's room for improvement in his reaction times and decision-making, hinting at potential growth and even stronger performances in future matches.


Stats's decision to focus on a strong late-game army composition, coupled with strategic recalls and efficient use of high Templars and Oracles, played a pivotal role in his success against Dark.


The series highlighted the dynamic nature of high-level StarCraft 2 play, with both players showcasing their skill, strategic depth, and adaptability in a closely contested match.

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How did Stats prepare for his StarCraft II return?

Stats prepared by making YouTube videos in advance and not playing for over a week due to a trip to the states.

What is Stats' history with StarCraft II?

He has been casting and playing StarCraft II full-time for about six to seven years, making him a seasoned veteran in the game.

What tournament is the series between Stats and Dark part of?

The best of three series is part of the round of 16 of the GSL Code S, South Korea's most prestigious StarCraft II tournament.

How did Stats perform against Dark?

Despite not seeing the games for over a week, Stats' performance against Dark in the GSL Code S was highly anticipated and he performed incredibly well with the red Protoss pieces.

Timestamped Summary


00:00 "It's been over a week since I've last casted a game of StarCraft 2. I had a little trip that I went on."


00:19 "Even though I've been doing this for a very long time, I still got very excited to check out high-level StarCraft."


00:30 "What I've got for you today is a best of three series that is played in the round of 16 of the GSL Code S."


01:00 "Playing with the red Protoss pieces, we have none other than Stats. His opponent... playing with the blue Zerg drones, we're looking at none other than Dark's main Hatchery."


03:22 "There's the first Oracle, two Adepts as well. Clean positioning right here by Dark."


04:08 "Triple Oracle into a Twilight Council... Stats used to be known, his nickname was the shield of Aiur."


05:00 "The idea behind this push that he's going for is to load the Queens into Dropper Lords, then to go into Zerglings and Banelings on the other side of the map."


06:07 "Playing defensively in general is just much harder than being the aggressor because the margin for error is absolutely tiny."


07:01 "Stats, even though he did butcher that one click with the Oracle, that was cleanly executed."


08:12 "It's going to be full-on Ling Hydra here for Dark."


10:11 "Fleet Beacon coming up right now... we've got ourselves a bunch of upgrades rolling here."


13:03 "Yeah, stats is getting torn apart here. So why did he get torn apart? Well, the High Templar were not positioned properly."

17:58 "Stats may have just secured the win in a proper macro game against Dark. Lovely stuff, really cool."


21:03 "Stats is currently 31 years old, AKA basically ancient, but he was born in the greatest year of them all, 1992."


22:39 "Apparently, it's Zest who is the highest earner when it comes to Protoss players in tournament winnings alone."


24:56 "Stats maxed out, Dark 182 supply. Dark is out of gas."


25:15 "It's Stats who obtains the victory 2 to 1 over Dark. What a beautiful series of StarCraft 2."

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