Fantastic Friends and Where to Find Them - Baldur's Gate 3 Honor Mode Walkthrough [Dark Urge / Bard]

Key insights


The protagonist, Sylvia Haroot, levels up, enhancing her abilities and spells, suggesting the significance of character progression in the game.


There's a mention of crafting and alchemy in the game, indicating a complex system for creating potions, elixirs, and other items that can aid in the journey.


Shadowheart and other companions rejoin or join Sylvia's quest, highlighting the game's focus on building a team and the dynamics of interacting with NPCs.


Exploration seems to be a key aspect, with the player discovering hidden chests, engaging with environmental puzzles, and uncovering secrets that lead to valuable loot.


Combat requires strategic planning, utilizing the environment, and exploiting enemy weaknesses. Successfully navigating battles without taking damage is rewarded.


The narrative includes moral choices and dialogue options that influence the storyline and character relationships, showcasing the depth of role-playing elements.

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Who is the protagonist of Baldur's Gate 3 walkthrough?

The protagonist is Sylvia Haroot, a dark urge halfling bard.

What was achieved in the final showdown on the Nautiloid?

Sylvia Haroot and her allies killed Commander Zulk, a mine flayer, and two cambion reinforcements.

How does leveling up benefit Sylvia Haroot?

Her health increases from 10 HP to 17, she unlocks another level one spell slot, earns the Jack of all trades feature, and the Song of Rest, allowing an extra short rest.

What spell did Sylvia choose to learn upon leveling up?

She chose Dissonant Whispers, which deals damage even if the target succeeds its saving throw, imposes disadvantage on attacks and ability checks, and frightens the enemy.

Timestamped Summary


00:08 "Hey there, and welcome back to Baldur's Gate 3. My name is Pete, and today we complete another chapter in the story of Sylvia Haroot, our Dark Urge Halfling Bard, who we have chosen as the protagonist of this Honor Mode walkthrough."


01:12 "Our tremendous success in that fight has also earned us enough experience points to be able to level up Sylvia Haroot, so let's take care of that first as we get started here."


02:50 "So Shadowheart, our temporary companion from the Nautiloids, seems to have survived too. She is also once again holding that artifact of hers."


05:34 "And with that, we now once again have a cleric on our side, a cleric who is ready to level up as well, so let's take care of that before we proceed."


10:56 "Immediately, as we then continue to pick up items, we also receive the encumbered status, essentially meaning that we are carrying too much weight."


14:01 "And so let's begin by sending Sylvia up to take a 99% chance at the closest enemy. We get an aim bonus from The High Ground as well as advantage on the roll because we're hidden."


21:38 "Your skull pounds in response to the prison as white hot stare. Her lips don't move yet you hear her voice, 'Get rid of them.'"


32:19 "Hello, I'm Gale of Waterdeep. Apologies, I'm usually better at this."


41:18 "The tadpole hasn't yet scrambled all your senses. Auspicious. But the longer we wait, the more it consumes. My people possess the cure for this infection. I must find a crash. You will join me, care?"


49:01 "Time and the elements have left the plaque unreadable."

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