Answering Your Questions - A Greenhouse Chat

Key insights


The video is set in a greenhouse instead of the porch due to cool, rainy weather, offering viewers a candid conversation about ongoing projects, future plans, and answers to viewer questions.


They emphasize the importance of channel membership, offering early video access and prioritized question answering as benefits.


Mention of the nursery's opening days and hours, indicating the transition to a busier season with a focus on customer visits and weather considerations.


Discussion on the logistics of plant shipping, emphasizing the goal to deliver the best quality plants at the right time, highlighting the challenges of catering to different geographical zones.


Insights into their plant growing and shipping process, underlining the staggered nature of plant readiness due to varying growth rates and the impact on order fulfillment.


Highlighting the significance of attending the signature experience event, which offers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look, and excitement for the upcoming garden showcases.


Advice on garden and plant care, such as the optimal timing for fertilizing roses and dividing perennials, showcasing their expertise and willingness to educate viewers.


Comments on weather adaptability and the practical aspects of gardening, like managing plants under variable weather conditions and making informed choices about plant placement and care.


Tips on maintaining gardening tools, specifically focusing on the importance of proper care for longevity and performance, reflecting their attention to detail in all aspects of gardening.

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Why was the porch chat moved to the greenhouse?

β€”Due to cool, rainy weather in North Carolina, the chat was moved inside the greenhouse where it was warmer.

What benefits do channel members receive?

β€”Channel members get their questions answered first, access to early video releases, and exclusive content.

What are the nursery's opening hours?

β€”The nursery is open Wednesday through Saturday, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, from now until December.

When will the nursery start shipping plants online?

β€”Shipping begins soon, with plants dispatched by zones when they are ready, focusing first on southern states.

What is the Signature Experience?

β€”An exclusive event offering behind-the-scenes access, special perks, and a day-long immersive experience at the nursery.

Timestamped Summary


00:00 "Hey friends welcome to Gardening with Creekside and this month's porch chat turned into a greenhouse chat because it is a cool rainy day here in North Carolina."


00:53 "So happy March, yes it is now March. It's crazy, it is. So we made it into March. We've opened in February, had a really great opening Saturday."


01:35 "This is the first Wednesday that we're open and of course it's a cool rainy day where the past two days have been absolutely like magnificent and 70 and blue sky and sunny."


02:20 "You see all these gorgeous plants behind us here at retail, we have gorgeous plants ready to ship out online."


03:05 "I don't want to ship you a plant that we potted up a week ago, it is not going to go well for you or the plant."


06:54 "Signature experience, we still have a couple of tickets left for that. So if you are on the fence and you're trying to think, do I want to come to the signature experience or not, we do have a couple of those tickets still available."


07:54 "Channel member questions, we're going to hit you first. Miss Alia Jackson says, 'Jenny I need to know what plant in front of my home help in zone 7A 7B'."


13:59 "Debbie was asking, 'when will you fertilize your roses?' because we've been in the garden talking about things that you're doing this time of year."


19:17 "DM Balsam, 'can online customers get landscape advice too?' Oh my word, so not at this time. We just simply don't have the manpower to do that."


24:20 "Tracy's Garden, 'love seeing the production side of things. Can't wait to have my plants arrive. Two questions, do you guys trim the plants at all? My other question, do you plan to offer gallon size plants online in the future?'"


34:06 "Sharon James, 'you're planting before the last average frost date. What happens if there's a cold snap?'"


37:54 "As always, we so appreciate you. Y'all have a great, great day and we'll see you in the next video. Bye friends."

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