REVOLUTIONARY New Catfish Rig Catches Fish

Key insights


Justin introduced a new catfish rig variation, aiming to test its effectiveness in catching fish while dragging it along the bottom.


The rig includes a three-way swivel with a dragging sinker, an 80lb monofilament leader, a float and rattle above the hook, and a Catfish Sumo bait stalker fly off the tag end of the hook.


Justin was initially concerned that the exposed hook on the fly would lead to snags but decided to experiment with it for potential increased catches.


Launched his kayak in a creek with the plan to drag the rig out of the creek, considering suspending baits if he spotted fish at the creek mouth.


The first fish was caught on a skipjack head bait, indicating the rig's ability to attract fish without getting snagged.


Throughout the video, Justin alternated between using skipjack chunk and head baits, demonstrating the rig's versatility.


The rig proved effective in not getting snagged while also catching several catfish, both on the main bait and the fly.


Justin hoped that the fly, mimicking a live bait fish, would increase catches and possibly attract flatheads, which are less commonly caught while dragging.


He speculated that flatheads might be biting the dragging baits without being detected, and the fly's J hook might improve hook-ups.


By the end of the video, the rig had proven successful, catching multiple catfish without significant snag issues, validating Justin's experimental rig variation.

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What new rig did Justin try for catfishing?

โ€”Justin tested a new variation of a catfishing rig featuring a catfish Sumo bait stalker fly attached off the tag end of the hook.

How does Justin's rig work underwater?

โ€”The rig uses a dragging sinker on a three-way swivel, an 80lb monofilament leader to a float and rattle above the hook, and a bait stalker fly trailing behind, designed to simulate a bait fish swimming.

What was Justin's concern about using the fly on the dragging rig?

โ€”Justin was hesitant to use the fly on a dragging rig due to concerns that the exposed hook on the fly might lead to frequent snags, but he decided to experiment with it.

Did the new rig lead to any significant snags during the fishing trip?

โ€”No, despite initial concerns, the new rig with the bait stalker fly did not lead to significant snags, and Justin managed to catch fish with it, indicating a successful experiment.

Timestamped Summary


00:00 "Hi y'all, Justin M. Kay catfish. We are going to have some fun today. Going to be trying out a new catfish rig, well, at least a new variation on a rig, and see if we can get some fish on it."


00:13 "Today I'm going to be dragging, and my regular viewers, you've seen me drag before. Got my dragging sinkers here on a three-way swivel...80lb monofilament down to float and rattle a few inches above my hook like normal, but off the tag end of my hook, I've got one of these Catfish Sumo bait stalker flies."


03:45 "Oh man, here we go. We're hooked up first fish. It don't feel too bad either. That's on the head bait. I have been trolling for probably...a half a mile an hour...this is the first anything. No taps, nothing."


06:46 "Oh man, we got this rod going down now. Oh, the chunk going down...he hit it and didn't hook up. Okay, let me get our...we need to put this, we need to put this jig up. I ain't seen a dag on thing to throw at it, and it's in the way."


12:02 "So you got the float up, that hook and the bait is a few inches behind the float...but still above the bottom, above the sinker and all that, and then you've got that fly just right there behind that cut bait."


15:07 "Let's hold him up there for...nice man, they getting bigger y'all. We upgrading, we keep on this pace we liable to hook a big one."


19:31 "Oh, it happened y'all, look, look right here! I knew it, I knew it was gonna happen. He got it, buddy. He got the fly. There's our head bait and there's the fly in the mouth. Boy, that makes me so happy y'all, you just don't know. I love it when a plan comes together."


24:08 "Yeah, yeah, that's a quality fish right there. That's a good fish, man. Heck of a takedown too, wasn't it? Nice."


28:02 "So one of the drawbacks I feel like of dragging baits versus suspending them or uh casting baits out and letting them sit on bottom, one of the drawbacks I feel like is that you just don't catch as many flatheads dragging as you do with other techniques."


33:40 "Got one, got one 60 ft deep right here. Just got out here, started working up this's been a productive morning overall...but this rig is working out, you know we've only got one, well two technically, one that ate the fly and then one that snagged."


43:01 "Got one after the head bait. He's got it too, by's just we've had another little dry spell here but you just keep your baits where they need to be."

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