Ariana Grande | "eternal sunshine" Track By Track Breakdown [Part 2]

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The conversation highlights the emotional and creative journey behind Ariana Grande's album "Eternal Sunshine," revealing insights into her songwriting process, collaborations, and the deeply personal experiences that shaped the music.


Ariana discusses her growth as an artist and person, emphasizing the significance of love, relationships, and self-discovery in her work. The album serves as a reflection of her life's transitions and the lessons learned along the way.


The role of influential figures in Ariana's life, such as her grandmother and idol Mariah Carey, is highlighted, showcasing the impact of their wisdom, strength, and support on her music and personal growth.


Themes of love, loss, and resilience permeate the album, with Ariana exploring the complexities of relationships and the importance of self-love and acceptance. The music resonates with listeners, offering solace and empowerment.


Ariana's hands-on approach to music production and her dedication to crafting layered, emotionally rich compositions are evident. Her ability to blend her vocal talent with intricate soundscapes underscores her artistic evolution.


The interview reflects Ariana's gratitude towards her fans and her humility despite her success. She remains grounded, focusing on the art of storytelling through music and connecting with her audience on a deep level.

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What inspired the album's title, "Eternal Sunshine"?

โ€”The title was inspired by Ariana's admiration for Jim Carrey and the movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". She relates to the theme of using broken pieces of oneself in art.

How did Ariana choose to collaborate with Mariah Carey?

โ€”Mariah Carey, Ariana's lifelong vocal inspiration, was the ideal choice for a remix because of her status as the "queen of my life" and her impact on Ariana's singing career.

What does the song "We Can't Be Friends" represent?

โ€”"We Can't Be Friends" is about the complexity of feelings in a breakup, highlighting that one can acknowledge the goodness in a person even if the relationship wasn't right.

Why was "Imperfect For You" Ariana's favorite song on the album?

โ€”Ariana loves "Imperfect For You" for its unique sound and message about being one's true self, regardless of imperfections, in a relationship.

How did Ariana approach vocal arrangements on this album?

โ€”She focused on emotional honesty over technical prowess, using her voice as an instrument to add depth and texture to the music.

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00:00 "Rolling, yes! I love you clapping, Zach."


00:34 "I'm so happy for you, thank you so much. I'm so proud, it's a big deal. It's my first real relationship and like first love, and probably my last love, God willing."


01:15 "I didn't learn much love from my parents, just being honest. Like, and my parents can watch this and be angry at me for it, but it was just different, like the example of love I got at home was different."


04:02 "That is deeply traumatic. I can, I hope you can forget it one day. Eternal Sunshine, that'll be one that we erase."


04:28 "Hardest, I think by honestly it's a very simple and silly lyric and it's not but it was hard for the reason that I desperately didn't want it to sound like a you."


06:03 "Is it okay if I talk about my mom? My mom, a lot. She's here in the corner listening. But is it okay? Are you sure? I might like air your shit out a little."


06:53 "You kind of crave when you grow up the happily ever after, the 'one is the one is the one,' so you ignore all these issues and you kind of cling on to that fairy tale."


09:07 "Don't want to break up again is kind of like the hangover of bye in a way. It's like, okay, that this has happened, but I'm reflecting and there are so many polarizing feelings."


10:20 "Uh, I think there are a few of bye and I think there's one of don't want to break up again."


11:49 "He knows me so well and we really push each other in such a beautiful way."


14:57 "Walking the High Line, it was so much fun. We walk together every single day."


17:00 "Going direct to number one, having a number one debut, yeah, I mean it's like such an incredible honor and my fans are to thank."


19:44 "Mariah Carey, the queen of my life, the reason I sing is absolutely she's my number one vocal inspiration."


22:22 "It's validation, it's surreal, it's like it doesn't compute. I can't really hold it all. It's very surreal."


24:44 "Astrology is kind of a tool to help us hear what we need to hear sometimes and look forward with hope and awareness."


27:57 "I'm very Discerning and weird when it comes to my vocals because I often don't sing as much as I can sing on something because for me it has to feel emotional and it has to feel honest."


34:17 "It's one of those that I'm so glad that feeling is captured on the album but it's from a more aware and grieved place."

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