Scarlett vs Bunker Rush CHEESE! StarCraft 2

Key insights


Starcraft 2 matches can swing dramatically based on strategic decisions and unit compositions, as seen in the series between gumiho and Scarlett.


Upgrades and tech advancements play a crucial role in gaining an edge over the opponent, influencing the outcome of battles significantly.


Flexibility and adaptation in strategies and unit choices are essential for overcoming opponents' tactics in high-level play.


Aggressive and bold plays, such as early expansions or tech switches, can lead to significant advantages but also pose risks.


Player psychology and the ability to anticipate or mislead opponents are underlying factors that impact match outcomes.

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Who were the players in this intense StarCraft 2 match?

The match featured AdmiralGho versus Scarlet, with Gho launching an early barracks strategy and Scarlet, the fan favorite from Canada, responding deftly.

What strategy did Scarlet use to counter Gho's aggression?

Scarlet opted for a defensive posture with a spine crawler, possibly expecting a proxy barracks strategy, after spotting the barracks with her overlord.

How did Gho aim to pressure Scarlet in the early game?

Gho used a combination of a starport and a reactor factory for early aggression, focusing on limiting Scarlet's ability to secure a third base.

What was the turning point for Scarlet in her game strategy?

Scarlet managed to secure a 20-worker lead despite Gho's early aggression, transitioning into a lir tech and focusing on a strong mid-game presence.

How did the match conclude?

Despite a back-and-forth struggle, Gho ultimately emerged victorious in a closely contested series, showcasing a variety of strategies but notably avoiding the use of ghosts throughout the matches.

Timestamped Summary


00:00 "Welcome back to the most professional Starcraft 2... the proud owner of a Barracks about halfway across the map it is the Admiral gho and on the receiving end of this mild moderate cheese the fan favorite from Canada she is Scarlet."


00:18 "A best of five Terran vs Zerg already starting off strong between two of the most creative players in the game."


01:25 "The one Rax Reapers... having the spine crawler isn't going to be terrible against any sort of follow-up but cyclones can deal with it relatively easily."


02:44 "Scarlet was struggling with the supply block unable to build more units for a short time and gho with more Cyclones in production."


03:22 "Raven on the way something to clear the creep early or just slap down a couple Auto turrets not a bad unit to have in general."


05:44 "Scarlet gets her lair Tech up almost immediately... and gho just now getting a third Command Center."


07:19 "Here comes the hell clones the main Army itself... but the Vipers are nowhere to be seen."


09:09 "But at the moment how many seven factories three star ports going full reactor but the Vipers are already here blinding Cloud on the tanks."


10:51 "Goho's army is starting to roll over here the Vipers aren't doing it and even blinding Cloud not going to be that helpful the Viper show up but there's nothing in support."

13:00 "Brood Lords a marginal response couple more Cyclones the Vipers six of them not going to risk it more units headed north."


14:59 "Scarlet has been unable to come up with a response nothing that has really dislodged gho ever since that first fight."

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