It's Worse than I thought But I Think Can Fix it!

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The video documents the process of starting various plants indoors during a snowy period, indicating a transition from outdoor gardening to indoor seed starting due to weather conditions.


There's a focus on preparing for the upcoming planting season by starting tons of flowers and other plants indoors that require at least 8 weeks of growth before the last frost, showcasing the anticipation and preparation for spring gardening.


The gardener shares updates on the grow room's progress and the arrival of new seeds in the mail, highlighting the continuous nature of gardening tasks and the excitement of receiving new varieties to plant.


A soil test revealed that nitrogen levels were even lower than the previous year, necessitating the amendment of garden beds with blood meal to enhance nitrogen content for healthier plant growth, demonstrating the importance of soil health management.


There's a significant emphasis on practical gardening techniques, such as using a wheel method for airing out seedlings, adjusting grow room setups for seed germination, and the application of blood meal based on soil test recommendations, showing the hands-on aspect of gardening.


The gardener discusses ordering seeds from Floret and planning to start various flowers, including dahlias from seeds rather than tubers, indicating a trial and experimentation approach to gardening.


There's a focus on starting a variety of flowers, including status, straw flowers, and the potential for using them in bouquets, showcasing the aesthetic and functional aspects of gardening.


The video includes planning for growing a significant amount of basil in different varieties for culinary use and preservation, underlining the utility of home gardening in providing fresh ingredients.


The gardener takes a detailed and methodical approach to documenting what and how much is being started, such as the varieties and quantities of herbs and flowers, which underscores the importance of record-keeping in gardening success.

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How does the weather affect gardening activities?

โ€”Variable weather, like unexpected snow or high temperatures, can shift gardening tasks, such as moving plants for sunlight or adjusting seed starting indoors.

What is a significant challenge in gardening?

โ€”Soil nutrient levels, particularly nitrogen, can drastically change over time, affecting plant growth and requiring soil amendments for correction.

Why are wheels on shelves beneficial in a grow room?

โ€”Wheels allow for easy movement of shelves, facilitating outdoor exposure for seedlings and aiding in the hardening off process.

What is an essential aspect of seedling care?

โ€”Keeping seedlings close to light sources and using fans to simulate wind strengthens them, promoting healthy development.

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00:00 "Good morning friend! Happy Friday. It is Friday and it is snowing."


00:34 "Today we are going to be starting our tons of flowers and basically a lot of the things that need at least 8 weeks to be planted indoors before our last frost."


01:22 "I got my results back from the soil test and they are worse than I anticipated... my nitrogen levels are even lower."


03:01 "I've got this is probably 40 lb of blood meal and I'll probably be using about half of this on all my beds... nitrogen is one of the most essential nutrients when it comes to fertilizers."


03:32 "Josh went ahead and got the wheels on this one shelf... so that I can wheel these In and Out Come time we need to harden these seedlings off."


05:07 "The ones that I got are three of her varieties of dalas... then I got a ton of zenyas and heras are just absolutely incredibly beautiful."


07:37 "So the flette flowers the only ones I'm going to be starting today from her are her dalas."


10:06 "And I think I'm going to go ahead and use my six cell pots for at least the dalas."


12:58 "So one seed packet exactly filled half of this tray... so I've got another seed packet that's the exact same thing and I'm going to see if I can fill the rest of this tray."


15:50 "I'm just going to put one seed in each hole and then go back and fill them so I can see where I've already put one."


17:01 "Most people that start out their Dalia growing journey start out by planting tubers as opposed to seed... I am going to try to grow dalas from seed."


20:04 "So now I'm going to get this tray on the heat mat which I already have plugged in right here."


22:06 "I think what I'm going to do before I start planting anymore is I'm actually going to do some maintenance on what I already have."


25:34 "I'm going to go ahead and mark down what I've already started today so today is March 1st like I said I have started...">


27:30 "I'm going to regroup figure out if I'm going to be using soil blocks or if I'm going to be using my cells and figuring out exactly which flowers I'm going to be starting."


43:08 "So friend thank you so much for taking time out of your day to spend time with me in the grow room... thank you for being here thank you for being you and I can't wait to see you next time bye friend."

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