Wallstreet Trapper: How To Turn $100 Into $1,000,000, What The 1% Do To Get Rich, Broke Vs Rich Guy

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Leon Howard, also known as Wall Street Trapper, emphasizes the importance of building wealth and educating others on financial literacy to navigate the complexities of life.


His mission revolves around normalizing generational wealth, especially within communities that lack access to financial information and resources.


From experiencing incarceration to becoming a financial educator, Leon Howard's journey showcases resilience and the power of transforming one's life through knowledge and investment.


He highlights the systemic barriers to financial success in America and stresses the importance of obtaining financial knowledge to break free from economic constraints.


Leon Howard advocates for learning and investing in oneself to achieve financial freedom and create a lasting impact on future generations.


He emphasizes the importance of fatherhood in his life, noting how having a daughter significantly influenced his decisions and motivations to succeed and leave a legacy.

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What drives Wall Street Trapper's mission to normalize generational wealth?

Coming from New Orleans and observing similar issues in every hood, Wall Street Trapper realized the root cause was a lack of information, not a lack of hard work or willingness to take risks.

How did Wall Street Trapper begin his journey in finance?

In prison, an inmate introduced him to financial literacy, sparking his interest in investing and transforming his outlook on wealth and success.

What does generational wealth mean to Wall Street Trapper?

It's more than investing and buying property; it requires information, structure, and a strategic approach to ensure wealth is passed down through generations.

How did fatherhood impact Wall Street Trapper's life choices?

The birth of his daughter made him reconsider his involvement in the streets and prioritize building a legitimate and sustainable source of income.

What's Wall Street Trapper's strategy for helping others invest?

He emphasizes starting with whatever amount one can afford, consistently investing, and gradually building a diversified portfolio, regardless of the market's condition.

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00:03 "Willie D live it's Willie D y'all back with another episode of information and instructions to help you navigate through this wild crazy beautiful world."


00:19 "He is known for educating the culture on how to build wealth one share at a time, ladies and gentlemen, Leon Howard also known as Wall Street Trapper. What's good, welcome to the show King."


00:43 "You represent a guy who got it out the mud... part of what your journey is, because you shared it, and a big thing with you is giving information and instructions to help us navigate through this wild crazy beautiful world but finances by building your finances up."


01:08 "Why is it so important to you that we normalize generational wealth?... every Hood really had the same issues... it wasn't that we wasn't hard workers... it was we just a had an information... if I had the right type of information."


02:25 "Sometimes it don't always have to be something so profound, it can be a little nugget... 'wealthy people stop trading time for money, they start making their money work for them and they give value to people'."


03:00 "'Being in the street and being a businessman in America is Dam there one and the same ain't no different... they just playing by different rules'."


03:26 "Generational wealth... 'it's more than just investing, it's more than just buying property, that's surface level... there's information and structure that has to be there'."


06:25 "Either you going to let them feed you or you going to go out and get your own food and hunt on your own because if you allow them to feed you then you give permission to starve you."


06:52 "My mom's I saw my mom's get shot when I was nine... my whole upbringing was from seeing the streets, experiencing the streets, and then prison, that that was my upbringing."


08:10 "If a dude go to jail as a kid, he's in prison and he grows up to become a man while he's locked up, usually he takes on all of the bad habits from the inmates that are in prison."


10:02 "'In my mind I was like oh I could do another bit... while you in prison you start to normalize that environment and you start to tell yourself like alright this my future'."


12:14 "'I almost got killed me and my homie when hit this lick and then that was just one of those moments I was like man I ain't doing this no more... once my daughter was born that was the this a little different now'."


15:01 "'Every time you go out there and make that little old lick, as soon as you step off that porch and do this or whatever, that's job security to them'."


19:18 "'These people just playing a different game than us, you need to ask yourself a question, either you going to let them feed you or you going to go out and get your own food and hunt on your own'."


21:52 "'You use money for three reasons: one, access; two, information; three, assets'."

24:57 "'Does that discourage you at all? Not at all, cuz I know that you just operating from a traumatic experience'."


27:00 "'I always give credit to my daughter because she's the reason why I went cold turkey on the streets and she's the reason why I felt like I'm gonna do something different'."


34:36 "'Have they started trying to move the goalposts on you yet? Nah, it's going to be hard for them to move the goalposts'."


39:37 "'How do you get a guy from the hood to understand that he can win with stocks over drugs without risking his life or freedom?' 'That's me right... it's showing that it's the same game'."


41:14 "'How is moving your way up in fatherhood working out? Man, I pride myself on being an amazing father'."


46:01 "'Do you invest in cryptocurrency? Yeah, so I only invest in the big two though, only Bitcoin, only Ethereum'."


50:58 "'How can I get in the game?... First, you know, Instagram, WallStreetTrapper... check out the podcast, Trappin' Tuesdays... and just thank you for this opportunity, OG'."

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