MaxPax's New MASS UPGRADE Protoss! StarCraft 2

Key insights


Rainer and MaxPax demonstrate the high APM and strategic depth of StarCraft 2, showcasing intense matches between Protoss and Zerg.


The series highlights the young talents in the eSports scene, with both players known for their fast gameplay and innovative strategies.


MaxPax consistently employs a mass blink stalker strategy across the games, while Rainer adapts his playstyle, exploring different tactics to counter.


Rainer's ability to quickly adapt and control multiple units at high APM allows him to effectively respond to MaxPax's strategies, showcasing the importance of flexibility and micro-management in high-level play.


Strategic use of units and abilities, such as stasis wards, banelings, and lurkers, plays a critical role in securing advantages and disrupting opponent's strategies.


Rainer's victory in the series underscores his skill in managing aggressive play and macro-management, securing his position as a formidable opponent in the Protoss vs. Zerg matchup.

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Who faced off in this StarCraft 2 match?

MaxPax, the rank one Protoss player, and Rainer, the "Italian Stallion" Zerg player, faced off in a best-of-three series.

What was the strategy focus of MaxPax in these games?

MaxPax focused on a mass blink stalker strategy, incorporating adepts and oracles for early pressure and scouting.

How did Rainer adapt to MaxPax's playstyle throughout the series?

Rainer adapted by utilizing a range of unit compositions, including zerglings, hydras, and lurkers, focusing on swarm tactics and aggressive counter-attacks.

What was a critical moment in the final game of the series?

A critical moment was when Rainer's lurkers managed to catch MaxPax's army out of position, leading to a significant victory in the third game.

What was the outcome of the series?

Rainer won the series 2-1 against MaxPax, showcasing a versatile and aggressive Zerg strategy against MaxPax's Protoss tactics.

Timestamped Summary


00:00 "Welcome back to the most professional Starcraft 2 with the rank one Protoss player in the world in the red, it's the mysterious MaxPax up against the 600 APM Italian Stallion as his native Zerg, Rainer. A best of three PvZ between two of the youngest and fastest players out there."


00:34 "I'll do my best to keep up, and there's really at the end of the day only one thing I'm really confident in keeping up on, which is begging for likes and subscribes."


01:08 "The Mortals since Serral doesn't come down from his Ivory Tower to play in many of these tournaments that have less than five digits of prize pool, it's Rainer and MaxPax joined by Clem at the Kids Table."


01:37 "First Oracle coming in PvZ. MaxPax has just really polished it up lately."


02:02 "The Oracles take half a screen to stop; they got no brakes on this. The disco ball sliding through the air so manipulating the acceleration of the Oracle and deceleration on the other side."


02:27 "Figure skating through the sky with the disco balls in order to light up enough drones and keep the Zerg at bay is most of the game here."


02:48 "Losing an Oracle, two drones. Rainer barely slowed down at all. The Oracles are the only thing keeping you from getting overrun by Zerglings and Roaches at least for the most part."


03:43 "Robo Bay, Blink, plus one. We're starting off with quite a passive experience here, just the oracles shining a light on things."


04:00 "Rainer has already gotten four bases, 74 drones, and now building roaches and Zerglings. MaxPax is getting a fourth base before really even thinking about moving on with those Blink Stalkers."


05:02 "Hive begins, plus two melee, Templar Archives. MaxPax just filling all the attack, working on the creep. He can blink up to The High Ground using that vision from the Oracles."


06:04 "Overlords there's always the awkward meta of where do you put your Overlords if there's no threat of air."


06:41 "Double Lurker Den for Rainer, going to well I'm not sure how much of that is making up for the later Hydren and how much is looking to hit that upgrade timing as hard as possible."


07:08 "This is the first real engagement as a lot of Stalkers are caught, a bunch of Zerglings caught in stasis as well. Rainer ends up losing 55 Zerglings."


09:09 "Love the Tempest choice not carriers but Tempest, a direct response to the carriers tags him with the Revelation, and the carriers are going to be forced to retreat."


11:00 "MaxPax, definitely the victor in that fight, has yet to lose a Tempest, has yet to lose a Robo unit at all."


12:08 "Ultralisk Cavern as Rainer continues to go down the road of things that aren't Zerg spellcasters."


13:04 "Mother Ship is on the way but does Rainer have anything to respond to this, Corruptors storms at Point Blank Range."


14:50 "The mother ship has essentially a super support unit obviously not for a big recall into the main."


16:02 "Rainer seems like he's kind of got a grasp on it. A single Viper to pull that mother ship into Oblivion."


17:20 "Without the Templar, well, the Protoss Army is just temporary. You need Archons or storm; both are good."


18:01 "Queens will be forced once again to be Medics with way more effort and Yanks out the Mother Ship but rebuilds another one."


19:48 "The last Archon will get chewed up by the Brood Lords. Rainer lost so much in fighting this but MaxPax may lose more."


20:24 "The problem is that MaxPax has been unable to expand. Oh no, a desperation recall. He goes with the mother ship recall to the South, going to try to catch him out of position."


21:14 "Zerlings, oh, things are getting desperate. MaxPax still, he has two carriers, his army, his ragtag band of Protoss."


22:01 "Ultra Lisks are just chewing through the Zealots, and there's still plenty of bases on the map. It's just their armies are so dangerous that neither player commits."


23:20 "Rainer with well three Vipers is the entire complement of spellcasters that aren't Queens but three Vipers are more than enough to pull out much of this Army, pick it apart with the Corruptors."


24:14 "Got some Kirkland brand sparkling water. Alright, Costco please sponsor me."

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