THEY'RE BACK! Is New Littlest Pet Shop Any Good?

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The Littlest Pet Shop newest generation of mystery boxes offers a variety of pets and accessories, providing a nostalgic experience for collectors with an entire set of 1 through 18 without repeats.


The set, priced at $70 plus $40 for shipping to Canada, translates to an affordable cost per mystery box, despite the high shipping cost for Canadian buyers.


The collection includes a wide range of animals, from common pets to more unusual choices like caterpillars, walruses, and a one-horned cow, capturing the hearts of collectors.


This generation introduces a virtual world component, allowing codes from the boxes to unlock online play, enhancing the collectible experience with digital interaction.


Some mystery boxes include unique accessories and characteristics for the pets, such as bobbleheads and two-colored eyes, adding an element of surprise and discovery.


Each pet comes with a collector card and accessory, like a surfboard for a bird or a bucket of leaves for a tiger, showing creativity in the accessories' pairing with the pets.


Despite the variety, there is some confusion about the relevance of certain accessories to their respective pets, suggesting an area for improvement in thematic consistency.


While the set promises no repeats, variations in colors of the same animal model, such as pandas, are included, expanding the collection without exact duplicates.

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What is the cost per mystery box?

—The cost per mystery box, after dividing the $70 total by 18 figurines, is not considered expensive.

What makes the caterpillar pet special?

—The caterpillar pet is particularly special because of its unique and dynamic design, making it stand out among the other pets.

Are there any pets without a bobblehead?

—Yes, the shark pet is the first character mentioned that does not have a bobblehead feature.

What is the shipping cost to Canada?

—The shipping cost to Canada was $40, in addition to the product cost, making it not cheap for Canadians.

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00:00 "Today's video is sponsored by Factor."


00:10 "On bobbly head and two colored eyes, we have a full set of the Littlest Pet Shop newest generation of mystery boxes."


00:34 "This set is around $70... Kitty editor, take out your calculator, and if we divide the $70 by the 18 figurines, it's technically not that expensive per Mystery Box."


01:42 "There's apparently a whole new virtual world in this collectible, so there are going to be codes in order to play online."


02:33 "If you haven't yet heard, I do have my very own craft kit of acrylic pour art, not just any art bears, but Jackie Bears."


04:00 "As much as I would like to open all 18 today, we're going to attempt the first nine and see how that goes."


04:17 "At first glance with the first character that we pulled out, it is absolutely adorable with the two colored eyes."


07:07 "Our character can enjoy freshly squeezed lemonade cuz cats love Citrus right, Kitty editor?"


09:01 "Here is the actual game trailer, it looks really cute and I'm super excited to have that video show up on the gaming channel."


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21:01 "Yes oh my God you are like super cute I can't even look at it like holy shrimp."


31:37 "I hope you enjoyed this unboxing as much as I did and let me know which one's your favorite."

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