DOLLAR TREE🚨πŸ”₯ SHOCKING NAME BRAND FINDS FOR $1.25‼️ #dollartree #new #shopping

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Easter preparation is in full swing with a focus on last-minute Easter finds, including Easter baskets, giant eggs, and deciding whether to buy candy from Dollar Tree or elsewhere.


Strategic shopping choices are being made, weighing options between purchasing a variety of smaller candy packs from Dollar Tree or larger bags from supermarkets for Easter treats.


Personal touches in Easter basket themes are important, such as choosing items that resonate with the children’s interests, like yellow ducks for a child who loves them.


Seasonal shopping extends beyond Easter, with a look into gardening supplies and seeds as warmer weather approaches, indicating a shift towards outdoor activities and beautification.


New finds at Dollar Tree spark excitement, highlighting the joy of discovering items like the Real Techniques sponge, biodegradable beauty tools, and innovative eco-friendly products.


Arts and crafts for children, like designable vinyl characters and Easter-themed activities, are showcased, emphasizing the importance of creativity and family activities.


Fashion and beauty items such as headbands, scrunchies, and makeup finds are explored, suggesting a wide variety of affordable personal care and style products.


Culinary selections, from cooking supplies to snacks and candies, offer a glimpse into the variety and value found in shopping at Dollar Tree for everyday needs and special occasions.

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What is the reason for the visit to Dollar Tree?

β€”The visit is to grab some last-minute Easter finds and look for new items, focusing on Easter baskets and decorations.

How many kids does the speaker have?

β€”The speaker has four kids.

What specific Easter item does one of the children have a preference for?

β€”One child is particularly fond of yellow ducks, influencing the choice of an Easter basket.

What strategy does the speaker use for buying Easter grass?

β€”The speaker buys Easter grass at the end of the season when it's marked down significantly, like 20 or 10 cents.

Timestamped Summary


00:00 "We are here at Dollar Tree...let's get right into this."


00:37 "Easter is approaching really fast...going through the Easter baskets."


01:14 "Grabbing last minute Easter finds...need two more Easter baskets and a giant egg."


03:05 "Going with a giant egg but don't know if I want them to see exactly what's in there."


04:09 "Usually save my eggs from the past Easter egg hunts...thinking about dying them."


05:36 "Lots of fun gardening are going to start blooming."


07:43 "These are the big bell shaped ones...awesome different type of Summer Bloom plants."


10:08 "Going through the candy...trying to figure out where would be the best for my money to stretch and get the kids lots of candy and goodies."


12:56 "In the makeup aisle and I've been craving new items for y'all because it's been getting kind of boring over here."


15:20 "My dilemma is when it comes down to the candy...trying to figure out where would be the best for my money."


17:18 "Hair accessories...cheaper at Dollar Tree for $1.25."


24:05 "Office school supply area...scented highlighter, a pen and a bookmark and these are Jolly Ranchers."


27:50 "Food area...Lunchables in the $3 area."


31:01 "Sassy and Chic...sprinkle little makeup cosmetic brushes."


34:43 "Juncture ones...a lot of different ones to choose from."


37:44 "Travel pillow works really good...luggage tags for 1.25."


52:05 "Graduation stuff...excited to see what they have."


52:37 "Celebrating a birthday party, a bachelorette party, a baby shower, a wedding."


62:33 "Oreo Oreo cakers and the Reese's...Oreo Oreo why can't I say Oreos."

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