Carnage Reigns, Carnage's Revenge On Miles - Full Story

Key insights


Miles Morales faces a new level of threat from Carnage, who has enhanced himself using Iron Man's technology.


Carnage's new abilities include controlling technology and creating clones, presenting unprecedented challenges.


Despite facing overwhelming odds, Miles and his allies, including a special team and other superheroes, fight valiantly against Carnage's forces.


Tony Stark provides Miles with an Iron Spider suit to help combat the enhanced Carnage, showcasing the importance of technology and innovation in their battle.


The battle against Carnage causes significant destruction in New York City, highlighting the high stakes of superhero conflicts.


Miles's family provides him with emotional support, emphasizing the importance of family and personal connections amidst chaos.


The story culminates in a massive showdown where Miles and Tony Stark work together to defeat Carnage, showcasing teamwork and sacrifice.


The narrative leaves open the possibility of Carnage's return, suggesting that threats can reemerge and heroes must remain vigilant.

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Who is Carnage targeting in New York City?

β€”Carnage targets Miles Morales for revenge in New York City.

What event leads to Carnage's conflict with Miles Morales?

β€”The conflict stems from Carnage seeking revenge on Miles Morales for resisting him during the King in Black event.

How does Carnage upgrade himself?

β€”Carnage upgrades himself by learning to control Iron Man's technology, becoming the ultimate Carnage.

What group tries to stop superheroes, including Miles?

β€”The Cape Killers, a group of government-controlled supervillains, try to stop superheroes they consider problematic, including Miles.

Timestamped Summary


00:00 "Miles Morales needs his own symbiote villain, and today that villain is going to be Carnage. Cletus Cassidy AKA Carnage has been going through a crazy transformation himself, eventually learning to control Iron Man's Tech and use it to become the ultimate carnage."


01:01 "Let's get into Carnage Reigns. A few cop cars gather around the corner diner, with the sergeant on the scene quickly calling in for backup."


03:01 "You smell different than the other bug, less tragic. Let's see what we can do to fix that," Cassidy suddenly growls as he lunges forward, biting into Miles' shoulder.


07:00 "Get off of him, you freak," Mac snarls, and he turns, helping Miles up. "You did real good, but you got to tap out now," Mac tells him.


10:00 "Come on, we got to go this way," he leads Dominic to the edge, blood still dripping from his wounded shoulder, and he tells Dominic that they're going to have to jump to the next roof.


13:00 "Peter, I'm sorry. I tried," Miles thinks to himself, knowing that he has reached his end, but Scorpion is there slamming Cletus away with his tail.


16:00 "Actually, ma'am, I think we could use this run. He did good back there. Building going boom wasn't on account of him. It was all Cassidy," Mac tells her.


19:00 "Bacon's back on the menu, boys," Cage snarls as he rushes to finish off the captured Miles. Cassidy could duplicate himself now, agent gal asks in surprise.


22:00 "Sorry, where are manners? Let me introduce New York's newest anti-vigilante task force, the Cape Killers," Taskmaster tells him, motioning to his team.


25:00 "Now, which one of you is going to take me to Tony Stark?" one of the scientists says that Mr. Stark is no longer running the company, Mr. Hang is now the new owner.

πŸ› οΈ

28:00 "Right now, I can feel myself inside of the building, inside of the city, buzzing in the wires. The back door to everything. So many new Meat Puppets to play with," Cletus says.


31:00 "All right, tonight officially sucks, and I've decided not to participate," Miles says as he and Normie, dressed as Red Goblin, prepare to confront Ken, who is controlled by Carnage.


34:00 "You couldn't just do that from the start?" Scorpion says with a smile as hightail uses her super speed to clear a path for Tony and Miles to engage the Iron Man suits controlled by the extremist virus.


37:00 "The most epic secret in the whole wide world," Cletus tells Normie as he attempts to lure him into his control, but Normie resists, with his symbiote panicking at Cletus's influence.


40:00 "You always knew it had to end this way," Cletus laughs as he absorbs the serial killer, Kenneth, back to full power and resumes his attack on the city, with Miles and Tony preparing to make their final stand against him.

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