A Storm in Summer | FULL MOVIE | 1999 | Drama, Family, Inspiring | Peter Falk, Andrew McCarthy

Key insights


Mr. Shadik shares a deeply personal connection with Herman Washington through the act of fishing, revealing memories of his son and illustrating the power of shared experiences to forge unexpected bonds.


The visit to the Country Club pool highlights societal barriers and prejudices, yet it also showcases the resilience of human spirit as Mr. Shadik and Herman navigate discomfort and exclusion with dignity.


The devastating news of Herman's brother's death in Vietnam and Mr. Shadik's empathetic response demonstrate the universal pain of loss and the importance of compassion and understanding in healing.


The summer storm serves as a metaphor for emotional cleansing and renewal, symbolizing the hope for healing and the enduring strength of the human connection despite the trials of life.

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How does Mr. Shadik feel about being invited to the Country Club pool?

β€”Mr. Shadik feels insulted and criticizes the superficial kindness of inviting them to the Country Club, indicating it doesn't truly address deeper issues of prejudice.

What message does Mr. Shadik receive about Herman's brother?

β€”Mr. Shadik learns that Herman's brother, Bill, who was in Vietnam, has been killed. This information deeply affects both him and Herman.

How does Herman react to the news of his brother's death?

β€”Herman tries to remain strong and insists he will not cry, reflecting on advice his brother gave him to not cry, showing his resolve to be brave.

What promise does Herman make to Mr. Shadik?

β€”Herman promises to return and go fishing with Mr. Shadik again, showing a deep bond has formed between them despite the circumstances.

Timestamped Summary


00:28 "How are you this evening Mr Sh... A day older since the last time you asked me, you know. Going to get that poodle good, wonderful. I'm happy for you. Another hot one huh? Yeah, why not. Listen, you want to know something? Upstairs in the Kingdom of Heaven, they got a special department. It's a Celestial Bureau, it's there by 100 foreign angels, and it's got one job, you know what it is? No. To harass Abel Sh. Somebody up there doesn't like you much, huh? I can hear the staff meetings now. Monday, we're giv' freckly heat. Tuesday, two bum checks he'll get. On Wednesday, the bank will call one of his notes. And on Thursday, we'll send his nephew Stanley to stay with him. And on Friday, which is today, we give a heat wave. We give 98Β° with humidity yet, so we'll have insomnia and have to lie awake all night worrying about something worse than Friday. What's worse than Friday? Saturday."


01:36 "Saturday. How long you had this delicatess in here Mr Shad? Ah, since God created the Earth, give or take a couple of years. It's an atonement for some P sin I figure it this way, in another life I was the Russian Zar. So that committee they met up there and they decided that during my next life, they were going to give me the business."


05:32 "One pint pickled earrings, yes. One go fried bread. You want a SCE, all right. Yes, ready, I'm writing it down, the Chinese wa... I'm not. Two dozen eggs, that's it. No really, I don't deliver. No, I'm too poor for a truck and too old for a b. Go well yourself. You want to come in and pick it up, come in and pick it up. That's right lady, the independent delivery it food steams looking numbers, get the jackpot in the president black year on the 20th century."


07:32 "Can I help you, lady? Good morning, um, I wonder does Mr Banner live here? Mr Banner, oh Mr Banner formerly Mr broom, no strictly speaking he doesn't live here, he just drops in occasionally in between his big deals. Mr Banner formerly Mr Broom is my nephew. You must be Mr shadik. I must be. So, what can I get for you?"


15:04 "Grand I got to carry all that sure you going to be gone two weeks. Would you look at him, here he is getting ready to make a trip out to the country and he looks at me like the angel of death just walked in the room. Just think Herman, two whole weeks, two whole weeks of fresh air and fishing and swimming. You know you going to have the best vacation of any boy in Harlem. You get a letter from Bill, you send it to me, you hear? Oh yes. Now you remember, Herman, when you get off the bus, I want you to be a little gentleman because to see a well-behaved young man like you is going to be a real education for him. They want an education, they ought to come up to Harlem for a couple of weeks. Oh this child, yeah. Oh hold your head up."


34:25 "Now here, what's that there? Which one? Show me. Oh, that's pastrami. You want a nice pastrami sandwich? What's pastrami? Oh pastrami, it's like corn beef, it's highly seasoned and uh, it's uh, Jewish. You Jewish? I don't look Jewish, right? The guy who owns our building, he Jewish man, he a pretty bad cat, nobody like her. I ain't hungry. Where you going now? To the bus station. Well, you got a three-hour wait, you might as well stay here. No. Why not? Cuz I don't like you. So, so you don't like me. So go sit in a hot station boil for 3 hours, would you care? I don't care. I really don't care. Between a bankrupt business and a bum nephew, I don't need a 3-foot tall Ethiopian anti-Semite. You, I don't need."


71:12 "I thought I'd drive Herman to New York, Miss Ross. Well, that's up to him. I mean, the weather is so bad, it is, it's raining hard. I don't want you to be alone. Okay, I'll drive you. Right. Is that right with you? Yeah. Good."


77:12 "Herman... Herman, I want to tell you something. There's something very serious. What? Look at me. ER... we got a call from your grandma. It was about your brother Bill. And... and... and something happened. And your brother is dead."


91:20 "Don't you cry no more, understand? I'm going to make out. You want me going to make out."

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