When Things Go Sideways... Why Is Graham Riding With Shaun? 4WD Action #296

Key insights


Exploring the tough playgrounds on the East Coast of Australia near Sydney provides an exciting and challenging off-road experience.


The journey includes navigating through technical terrains, demonstrating the importance of vehicle capability and driver skill.


Teamwork and careful planning are crucial when tackling difficult sections of the track, often requiring spotter assistance and winch recovery.


Maintaining and preparing your vehicle for the conditions, including proper tire pressure and suspension setup, is essential for a successful off-road adventure.


Camping in the bush offers a rewarding experience, with the opportunity to enjoy nature and camaraderie around the campfire after a day of challenging drives.


Upgrading and customizing your vehicle, such as installing winches, spotlights, and other off-road gear, enhances the overall experience and capability on the trails.


Navigating through dense forests and rocky terrains showcases the beauty and diversity of Australia's natural landscape.


Collaboration among friends and fellow off-roaders enhances the journey, making challenging obstacles more manageable and enjoyable.


Learning from each experience, whether it's a successful climb or a recovery situation, contributes to becoming a more skilled and prepared off-roader.


Concluding the adventure at a local pub allows for a time of relaxation and reflection on the day's journey, solidifying friendships and planning future trips.

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Where does the adventure take place?

The adventure unfolds in the Wans, near Sydney, offering a mix of mild fire trails and challenging terrains.

What kind of terrains are encountered?

They encounter an array of tracks, from mild fire trails to extremely challenging terrains with big ruts, steep inclines, and large rock steps.

How does the team prepare for the off-road challenges?

Preparation includes airing down tires for better traction and inspecting difficult sections of the track before attempting them.

What are some specific obstacles mentioned?

Specific obstacles include deep ruts, steep rock steps, and areas requiring winch use due to lack of traction or steep angles.

Timestamped Summary


00:00 "In this issue, we're only a couple of hours away from Sydney and some of the toughest little playgrounds on the East Coast of Australia."


00:13 "Australia mate not going to lie I'm not uncomfortable, yeah having a time of your life."


00:50 "If you're wondering why I'm sitting in the passenger seat of S, you're going to have to go and grab yourself something cold."


02:07 "Well, it's time to air down, get some of the air out of those tires so we get a lot more traction."


03:13 "Yeah, okay, there's that been sort of done. I don't have any options, no, you just got to drive this."


06:20 "Very difficult, right, with some careful spotting from my mates I was able to get through without doing damage."


09:08 "Fun and going down the other side is going to prove just as challenging."


11:09 "This right here is the final bit of the track, as you can see it really starts to open up."


20:51 "Well, we're a vehicle down for this trip, but that's not going to change too much."


21:45 "So first up is Whitman's Lane, now I've heard a lot about this track, it's very infamous for being one of the toughest in the wans."


27:15 "That's a pretty big angle mate, might have to reconnect the winch."


34:15 "Mate, well you know what, these are hamburger buns, and you know what I'm cooking. I like to call these ones the old wans hamburgers."


40:09 "Man, get more for less at four-wheel drive super center with insane deals on King's DIY storage and 12volt gear to build your dream four-wheel drive."


41:08 "I tell you what, there's no better feeling than waking up in your rooftop tent or in your swag, just being outdoors for the night."


43:27 "Hey Joo, you got a copy mate, yeah mate, it's hard to hear from up the front, you decide to swap places with me, eh?"


56:15 "This is the adventure King's rechargeable lithium Bluetooth boom box, your new best mate for weekends away."

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