March Garden Tour! 🌸 The Garden is Actually Starting to Look Like a GARDEN!

Key insights


Consistent monthly garden tours serve dual purposes: showcasing garden transformations and serving as a personal motivational tool.


Focusing on one garden bed at a time facilitates noticeable progress and provides direction for larger garden projects.


Utilizing for free wood chips is both cost-effective and beneficial for soil health, especially with an underlying compost layer.


Installing a decomposed granite pathway with metal edging enhances garden accessibility and aesthetics.


Creating a themed patio area, like the diamond-patterned one, aligns with greenhouse aesthetics, providing a unified garden design.


Incorporating a variety of plants, including a unique Lavender Twist Redbud, in garden beds adds diversity and beauty to the landscape.


Planning for blooms every month ensures continuous garden vibrancy and visual interest throughout the year.


Harvesting a large amount of fruit from productive trees, like orange trees, and donating the excess to food banks contributes to community well-being.


Experimenting with various plantings, such as tulips, daffodils, and seasonal color themes, enhances garden aesthetics and personal enjoyment.

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Why has Janie consistently conducted garden tours?

β€”Janie has been conducting monthly garden tours since the inception of her channel to showcase the seasonal changes in her garden and to motivate herself by documenting progress.

What significant change is Janie excited about in her March garden tour?

β€”Janie is excited about the big changes in her garden, particularly the development of her orchard garden bed, which she tackled first after moving into her home.

How did Janie acquire wood chips for her garden, and what was the outcome?

β€”Janie used to get free wood chips from local arborists. Although she initially thought the amount would be excessive, it only covered a few areas before running out.

What no-till gardening method did Janie implement, and what were the results?

β€”She used a no-till method involving cardboard and compost layers. This approach improved soil quality significantly, mixing compost with the underlying soil to create fertile ground for planting.

Timestamped Summary


00:08 "Hi everyone, Janie here. Welcome back to my garden, and welcome to my March garden tour."


01:02 "Behind me is the orchard garden... We moved into our home last August. It was completely bare...and it needed to be completely reconfigured."


02:00 "I decided to just focus on this garden bed... about 75% of my energy has been going towards this garden bed."


03:58 "The decomposed granite, once we're done, it's going to be a lot higher on the metal edging but you can kind of get an idea of what it's going to look like."


09:01 "First off, on this berm right here... I just planted this, this is a Lavender Twist Red Bud that was a gift from Katie Candelario."


12:18 "I did harvest all of my oranges... We got about 500 lbs of fruit that we donated to the food bank."


14:55 "Right here I've planted a Flavorite Honey Apricot Rose... It is going to get pretty tall, I think it's going to get 6ft tall and 4ft wide."


20:29 "My secret shade garden... my goal is to have this area be like a room, like a garden room."


33:23 "Front and center in the back garden is, of course, my greenhouse. I love it so much."


44:16 "Let me show you the front of my office where I have the tulips. Again, I did a big mix. I don't even know what these are. I just did a huge mix of pink tulips."

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