Absolutely Every God of War Boss Ranked

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The importance of learning and adapting to a boss's attack patterns to progress in God of War is emphasized, demonstrating the game's demand for skill and strategy from players.


Large-scale and intense boss fights, such as those against Thor and Odin in God of War: Ragnarok, bring epic moments of clash and destruction, underscoring the series' commitment to delivering grand and memorable combat experiences.


The integration of story elements into boss fights, especially with characters like Freya and Hades, enriches the gameplay experience by adding emotional depth and context, making each battle feel more significant and personal.


Innovative boss fight mechanics, such as the shared health bar with Zeus or using the environment to one's advantage against Kronos, showcase the series' creativity in designing unique and engaging challenges for players.


The gradual increase in complexity and difficulty of boss fights through the series, culminating in highly challenging encounters like the Valkyries, illustrates the series' commitment to testing players' mastery over the game mechanics.


God of War's boss fights often combine gameplay excellence with cinematic storytelling, delivering visually stunning and narratively rich experiences that highlight key moments in Kratos' journey.


The Sisters of Fate boss fight is regarded as the pinnacle of God of War's boss encounters, perfectly balancing gameplay depth, narrative integration, and innovative mechanics to offer an unparalleled combat experience.

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What's the ranking of the God of War bosses?

โ€”The Sisters of Fate rank as the best boss fight in the series.

Which boss fight is considered the most layered in the God of War series?

โ€”The Sisters of Fate fight is deemed the most layered, excelling in gameplay, scale, and story.

What makes the Hades boss fight stand out?

โ€”Hades excels in testing player skills with a variety of mechanics, making it demanding and fun on higher difficulties.

How does the Colossus of Rhodes fight differ from others?

โ€”It stands out for its relentless pursuit of Kratos, adding a unique dynamic to the fight.

What unique aspect does the Thor boss fight in God of War Ragnarok bring?

โ€”The Thor fight is noted for its emotional charge and the intense destruction it brings, making it highly anticipated and impactful.

Timestamped Summary


00:00 "Hey how's it going guys Captain CU here and welcome to another God of War video."


00:09 "I took a bit of a Hiatus from YouTube and Twitter all together. I feel much better, refreshed, ready to come back to make some content."


00:18 "Since God of War Ragnar released, that is the new boss ranking. Yep, I made one of these videos I want to say like a couple years ago and I haven't made one since God of War Ragnarok came out."


00:40 "This time around I will not be including what you guys called 'non bosses', bosses by this I mean highly scripted moments like the second encounter with Baler or the quick time events with Helos or Icas. Those are not really boss fights."


01:50 "Look these are probably my favorite Dragon boss fights in any game...but as it is right now, why am I rambling so."


02:32 "So now you're probably asking yourself, with on what criteria are you going to be judging these bosses? Is it going to be spectacle, is it going to be the mechanics...I'm mostly going by just how memorable each boss was."


03:05 "Start with the absolute worst boss fight of the God of War series and I think that one goes to the Dark Rider of God of War I."


03:45 "Following that it's not one that's very far behind it that's deos, he has a couple of unique moves but the fact that you know you're not going to kill him already takes away that intensity that a boss fight needs."


04:00 "Next to Sila, the most disappointing intro boss fights."


47:00 "Now for this next entry, I was really debating whether to put it below or above Thor's fight because in essence they are very similar fights, of course I'm talking about the Strange...Ultimately, the story lowers your guard by making you think that for a second Thor is not going to do anything and then suddenly pulls the hammer and he sends Kratos flying all across Midgard."


49:13 "Now I'm sure you've noticed throughout this video that I've been judging bosses on gameplay, scale, and story and so far most of these fights have only had one of these things that they absolutely nail but with the Sisters of Fate boss fight I feel like this boss fight nails all of them exceptionally well."

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