Knitting Traditions Podcast Ep.85- new wips and 3am kinda castons

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Ina shares her knitting projects and modifications, including a Nisa sweater by Caitlin Hunter with adjustments for a deeper V-neck and straight sleeves, showcasing her approach to personalizing patterns.


She discusses knitting garments for her daughter Nelly, emphasizing the importance of making them long-lasting by planning for growth, such as making a sweater dress that will later fit as a sweater.


Ina's love for earthy, heathered colors shines through in her projects, such as the Lily apron dress knit in Holst Garn Supersoft in the color Scots Pine, reflecting her aesthetic preferences.


She values functional and aesthetic aspects of knitting, demonstrated by her choice of yarns and modifications to patterns to suit her and her daughter's needs, like making wool bibs for warmth and comfort.


Ina is thoughtful about using her stash and organizing her patterns to inspire future projects, showing a mindful approach to crafting and the joy of planning knits.


As a new mom, Ina intertwines her life changes with her knitting, creating a narrative of adaptation and creativity, from knitting during labor to making practical items for her baby.

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What are the modifications Ina made to her Nisa by Caitlyn Hunter?

โ€”Ina made modifications for a deeper V-neck, no decreases on the sleeves, extended length, and additional color work on the body.

How does Ina describe the yarn used for her Nisa?

โ€”She used Hillisvog yarn, ideal for color work, knitted at a loose gauge, resulting in a piece with minimal pilling and a rustic, non-scratchy feel.

What unique feature does the Luca Skon for Nelly have?

โ€”It's a textured all-over pattern with knits and purls, designed for a one-year-old, possibly needing an extra ball of yarn due to its fewer meters.

What strategy does Ina use to manage her knitting patterns?

โ€”Ina organizes patterns by gauge in iCloud, renames them for easy identification, and categorizes them by item type, enhancing her project planning.

Timestamped Summary


00:01 "Hello and welcome to the Knitting Traditions podcast, my name is Ina."


00:11 "I'm back from the cabin, which I'm currently at with my father, brother, and Nelly, my little daughter."


00:45 "Settle in with something nice to drink, I got some coffee."


00:52 "I am wearing my Niska by Caitlyn Hunter. I did modifications to my Niska...I wanted a wider v-neck."


01:57 "Modifications to the sleeves cuz I did no decreases...very different, very flowy."


05:45 "I finished another Lily dress for has these really cute ruffles and it's a skirt and then it ties in the back."


06:58 "I received, or I did, an Advent Exchange two years ago with some podcasters and I got some minis from Amy Palco."


10:34 "At the last episode, I showed that I had knit this pair of pants, these are the First Impressions pants by's gotten so much use already."


15:12 "I cast on a one by one ribbed hat...I'm going to use the decreases for the crown that is from the watch cap hat from Pearl Soho."


17:12 "Then I have some new whips but I can show you first what I have been working on...this is the Amy slipover which is a pattern by Sun gar from one of their booklets Soft for Women."


32:15 "Nelly has been wearing wool ever since she was born...I wanted to knit up a sweater for her for next fall and winter."


36:33 "This is the simplest kind of shawl, where you...cast on three stitches, knit six rows in garter...creates a little garter shawl."


43:59 "Another WID that I got which is currently holding my baby monitor is this beautiful yarn bowl from Prayer Bag Works."


49:55 "I will now need to go feed my baby and cuddles and maybe a hike in the snow, we'll see."

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