Boruto's BIGGEST Plot Holes EXPLAINED!

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The concept of plot holes in "Boruto" is complex due to the ongoing nature of the story, making them currently more like unanswered questions with potential to be addressed as the narrative progresses.


Jigen's historical inactivity and sudden movement in "Boruto's" timeline raises questions about what changed or allowed him to act only recently, despite being alive for over 2,000 years.


The existence of two Ten-Tails in the series creates confusion, as the origins and reasons for having both a juvenile and the original Ten-Tails have not been clarified within the story.


The Shinju, created from modified Claw Grimes by Code, present a new mystery, especially regarding their simultaneous appearance and the specific conditions needed for their creation.

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Why is there debate about plot holes in Boruto?

β€”Some fans argue Boruto's story isn't finished, so current gaps are just unanswered questions, not plot holes. Others wonder why certain elements, like the absence of key characters in Naruto's history, weren't addressed.

What explains Jigen's lack of involvement in Naruto's history?

β€”Despite living for over 2,000 years, Jigen's absence from key historical events remains unexplained. Theories suggest he might have been gathering power or avoiding interference until a strategic moment, but no definitive answer is given.

Why are there two different Ten-Tails in the series?

β€”The existence of two Ten-Tails raises questions about their origins and purposes. While theories exist, such as one being a juvenile version created or found by Jigen, no clear explanation is provided in the narrative.

How were the Shinju, the new antagonists, created?

β€”Shinju are formed from Claw Grimes, modified Ten-Tails clones, but the specifics of their creation and why they manifest simultaneously remain unclear. The process involves a mix of unexplained science and magic.

Will the lingering questions in Boruto be answered?

β€”While some of the current gaps in the story could potentially become plot holes, it's expected that many will be addressed as the story progresses. However, it's uncertain if all questions will receive satisfactory explanations.

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00:00 "Listen, I can already hear the lot of you yelling, 'Nick, there isn't any plot holes in Boruto. The story's not over yet; they're just unanswered questions.' And you're right, technically the story isn't over, so there can't be plot holes quite yet."


00:15 "Nick, you've been gone for 6 weeks, why are we starting this video yelling?"


00:34 "Nick, why are we yelling about there being plot holes in Boruto?"


01:17 "However, that's not to say that we know that question is going to be answered."


02:03 "Is me putting the word 'plot holes' in the title a little clickbait scheme to get you here? Yes, but are you here? Also yes."


03:33 "Before we get into all that, today we got to talk about one of our favorite reoccurring sponsors to the page, Raycon."


05:07 "So, plot holes, lingering questions, existential crises, what are we going to call the things we're talking about today? Well, I'm going to call them plot holes because I've already covered myself and acknowledged the fact that they're not actually plot holes."


06:07 "The first plot hole we're going to be talking about today revolves around Isshiki."


07:00 "Why was Jigen completely uninvolved in Naruto's history until Boruto?"


08:00 "Jigen has been laying the groundwork for Kara for at least 12 years in part one."


09:00 "What changed in Boruto's timeline that allowed for Jigen to move freely and with power?"


16:25 "The second plot hole we're going to be talking about today also revolves around Isshiki but specifically Isshiki and Kaguya and more importantly, their possession of two Ten-Tails."


18:54 "The existence of two Ten-Tails is kind of a plot hole, but there are three possible explanations."


21:28 "The last plot hole that I want to talk about is a relatively new one, which I believe will be answered soon, and therefore won't be a plot hole."


24:55 "Why were all the Shinju born at the same time?"


27:46 "Tell me in the comments below and while you guys are down there, please for me like this video, subscribe to the page, and hit that noty bell."

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