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Jerry and Linda, known as the newcomers, host a segment called "Mailbag Monday," where they engage with their audience by answering questions and sharing insights.


The couple discusses the effects of daylight saving time, highlighting the benefits of retirement in managing sleep schedules more flexibly.

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They provide practical advice on how to assist a spouse in the event of a fall, mentioning the availability of the Villages fire department to help residents in such situations.


Jerry and Linda share their dining experience at Mesaluna, emphasizing the elegant atmosphere, unique menu presentation via tablets, and the quality of the food.


The couple participates in a memory study, aiming to contribute to research while also reflecting on their cognitive health.


They address questions about living in The Villages, including inquiries about condos, assisted living facilities, and the diversity of the resident community.


Linda and Jerry provide updates on upcoming events in The Villages, showcasing the community's vibrant social life and entertainment options.


The segment features "Sweet and Salty," where they respond to viewer comments, highlighting both positive feedback and addressing misunderstandings or criticisms.

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What did Jerry and Linda discuss about the time change?

β€”They talked about losing an hour of sleep due to the time change, but mentioned it makes little difference since they're retired and can nap anytime.

How do Jerry and Linda handle a spouse falling?

β€”If one cannot help their spouse up after a fall, they suggest calling The Villages' fire department for assistance, at no charge.

What did Jerry and Linda say about their cruise experiences?

β€”They enjoyed a cruise on the Celebrity due to its all-inclusive nature, including tips, taxes, Wi-Fi, and a drink package, making it probably their favorite cruise.

How do Jerry and Linda address the variety of political views in The Villages?

β€”They emphasized that The Villages is home to a diverse range of political views, not just Republicans, and they personally avoid discussing politics to maintain harmony.

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00:00 [Music]


00:12 "Hi everybody, hello there, I'm Jerry and I'm Linda, we are the newcomers. It's time for mailbag Monday, we're glad to be with you this week."


00:22 "I'm just so tired, Jerry. I'm just super tired, we I lost an hour of sleep last night."


00:31 "What do you think of the time change? Did you change the clocks?"


01:34 "Monday, we hope you enjoyed Thursday's video. That was our cruise, that was on the Symphony of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean ship."


02:01 "We love celebrity because they're an all-in-one deal, you know they include their tips and their taxes and the Wi-Fi is part of it."


02:27 "We went to a state sale this last week."


03:35 "We're getting ready for St Patrick's Day, that's coming up uh this weekend so hey everybody get your green on."


04:10 "It's time for our video viewer question or viewer video question."


08:31 "From time to time we get questions asking, are there any condos in The Villages?"


10:38 "I said we received a Mountain Dew contract. I'm so thrilled cuz that's a that's a nationwide brand, right?"


12:19 "What are you going to do if your spouse Falls, could you help get them up?"


15:45 "Check out the sprinklers in your yard, are they covered with grass?"


17:32 "Margaret and Jeff write, my husband and I are having a debate on golf cart versus car."


19:09 "Do all the residents of The Villages receive the Daily Sun at no cost or do you have to purchase a subscription?"


22:52 "Entertainment, well in The Villages there's so much entertainment you can go to all the squares and there's many restaurants that will have live music."


29:41 "As we mentioned at the top of the show, we have enrolled in a memory study."


31:22 "The jumble last week, the answer was drum roll covered wagons."


32:28 "It's time for shout outs. We want to recognize all you friends of our Channel."


39:02 "If you haven't done it yet, please subscribe to our channel and follow us on Facebook."

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