How to Make a Character in Daggerheart | Open Beta

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Character creation in Daggerheart involves selecting classes, subclasses, traits, and equipping characters with weapons and armor, all while considering the unique abilities and options available at different levels.


Players have the flexibility to shape their charactersโ€™ strengths, weaknesses, and combat styles through a mix of strategic choices regarding traits, equipment, and domain card abilities.

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As characters level up, they gain access to new abilities, more hit points, and better armor, allowing for more complex and robust character builds.


Characters can swap out abilities and adjust their focus between battles, giving players the chance to adapt to new challenges and strategies as the game progresses.


Background questions and character connections help flesh out the personal history and relationships within the game, enhancing role-playing and storytelling aspects.


Experiences and traits are key to character development, influencing how they interact with the world and the challenges they face, thus contributing to a rich role-playing experience.


The open beta phase encourages community involvement in the gameโ€™s development, inviting feedback to refine and improve the gameplay experience.

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How does Bertrand Bell's character creation start in Daggerheart?

โ€”It begins with selecting his class, with options including Bard, Druid, Guardian, Ranger, Rogue, Seraph, Wizard, Sorcerer, and Warrior. Travis chooses Warrior for Bertrand.

What foundation does Bertrand choose for his subclass?

โ€”He selects the Call of the Slayer as his foundation, which gives him benefits for slaying enemies, such as storing and using Slayer dice to add to his attack or damage rolls.

What is Bertrand Bell's heritage in the game?

โ€”Bertrand's heritage combines human ancestry with a Slyborne community, signifying his upbringing in the underbelly of society among criminals and con artists.

Which primary weapon does Bertrand opt for?

โ€”He selects a rapier as his primary weapon, which utilizes his high presence trait, indicating his expertise and charisma in wielding this weapon.

At level four, what unique ability does Bertrand acquire?

โ€”He chooses the Boost ability, allowing him to perform an aerial attack at an enemy within far range by boosting off an ally, showcasing his daring combat style.

Timestamped Summary


00:00 "It's pretty great. So you're now at seven hit points with four armor slots."


00:03 "This is the best character you've ever seen. You can just say it."


00:10 "โ™ช (fast tempo music) โ™ช"


00:13 "Hey, guys! I'm Matthew Mercer!"

๐Ÿ› ๏ธ

00:19 "Ah, and we're here to talk about Daggerheart, specifically do an example of character creation as we sit here and I work with you to build out Bertrand Bell."


01:07 "Let's start first by choosing Bertrand's class."


01:25 "Yes, he's definitely got magic in his blood. Pretty sure that's not the case. Yep."


01:42 "I think it is probably a Warrior."


02:30 "I'm going to slay. 'Cause, let's be honest, BB totally slayed in the day."


03:00 "Heritage is a combination of your ancestry and the community that you come from."


03:38 "But going with Bertrand Bell, we'll grab the human card here."


04:02 "So we have a lot of choices here. They all represent the communities that you grew up or shaped you."


04:51 "Let's do Slyborne, just 'cause. I'm not saying this is canon, it's just what we're doing."


05:14 "Character traits are agility, which is your ability to sprint in and out of danger, to make big leaps from place to place."


06:39 "Now that we got the traits figured out there, we move on to your character's damage thresholds."


07:46 "Now every class has its own base evasion. Warriors are fairly combat-centric, so they actually started a 10, which is not bad at all."


08:04 "Hope is an expendable resource and a constantly-regenerating resource in Daggerheart."


08:41 "So I'm going to get this equipment sheet here for you. This is the spread of basic equipment available to you at level one."


10:55 "So here we have the starting armor for the game. We have leather armor, breastplates, chainmail, full plate, the baseline for it."


12:42 "So there's a secondary leveling sheet for each class here. This is the one for Warrior. So when you see up here where it says under Inventory, write down the things that you take automatically."


13:39 "So there's a list here of options you can choose from. These, of course, are helpful for quickly sussing out a character's basic physical description."


14:29 "This is the bread and butter of the character class that you chose. Every character class sits as an overlap between two different domain cards."


17:16 "Now, background questions are not absolutely necessary. A lot of people, who especially have experience in RPGs, you have a strong idea of your backstory and how you want to define your character."


19:19 "Experiences are things in the world, experiences that your character has had that's defined their skills and abilities, the things that they're generally better at, than the other average person."


21:04 "Character connections with other characters in the group. So these are also questions that you don't necessarily have to follow in your game, but for players, it's a fun way to have a group that starts with some dynamics and relationships."


22:11 "Let's see what that looks like. So let's level up Bertrand to level two. At level two you take an additional experience."

๐Ÿ› ๏ธ

23:33 "Then at the end, increase your severe damage threshold by plus two and choose a new domain deck card of your level or lower. So, you still get access to the Bone and Blade cards that you didn't pick last time."


24:48 "So go ahead and change your level to level three. So now you get to mark two more of these boxes of your choice, but you can't increase the ones that you've already marked."


27:23 "For your final domain card choice, we now get to the fourth level. I'll do Bone first."


30:21 "But thank you, Travis, for being our guinea pig on this, and thank you for joining us. Hope you have fun building your characters."

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