Mother stabbed to death by ex-husband after donating her kidney - Crime Watch Daily Full Episode

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A beloved teacher's act of selflessness in donating her kidney turns tragic when she is murdered in her own home.


Initial suspicions in the investigation point towards the estranged husband due to ongoing contentious divorce proceedings.


Despite possessing an alibi, the estranged husband remains a person of interest in the case, highlighting the challenges in solving domestic violence-related crimes.


A call to action against domestic violence is emphasized, underlining the importance of community involvement in preventing and addressing such cases.


The story of a survivor's escape from a violent ex-partner showcases the severe impacts of domestic abuse and the resilience of those who overcome it.


Legal and societal challenges in addressing and preventing domestic violence are highlighted, stressing the need for stronger protective measures and resources for victims.

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Who was Renee Pagel?

โ€”A beloved Michigan mother of three, teacher, and nurse practitioner who donated her kidney to save a stranger, only to be murdered in her own bed.

What led to Renee Pagel's murder?

โ€”After donating her kidney, Renee was found stabbed multiple times in her bed, in what appeared to be a crime of passion. The investigation focused on her estranged husband, Michael Pagel.

How did Aamir du Clerk's story of survival unfold?

โ€”Aamir survived a violent attack by her ex-boyfriend, Ramon Castillo, who shot her in the head and arm in a fit of rage after she ended their relationship. A malfunctioning gun likely saved her life.

What were the consequences for Ramon Castillo?

โ€”Castillo was convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to 15 years in prison for shooting Aamir du Clerk.

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00:00 "I'm Chris Hansen right now on Crime Watch Daily from here in New York City. A beloved teacher donates her own kidney to save a stranger's life only to have her own life snuffed out. Murder. She had to go."


03:02 "When she learned that the father of one of her students was suffering from kidney failure, Renee, who lost her own mother to the disease, donated one of her kidneys."


03:38 "She loved her children fiercely. She loved them so much."


04:04 "After a few years of marriage, the disparities between the two became harder to ignore."


05:27 "But the couple's problems didn't exactly go away when Mike did. What were the points of contention in their divorce?"


08:25 "The bedroom itself did not look out of normal, except for what we found with Renee, which would be that she had been stabbed multiple times in her own bed."


10:22 "This wasn't a burglary, no one had taken anything... it was somebody close, somebody had something out for Rene."


12:23 "We went made contact with Mr. Pagel at his residence, and immediately he wanted an attorney."


15:01 "Michael's attorney tells Crime Watch Daily that Michael was at his mother's house miles away that entire evening as were all of his children."


20:00 "It is unpunished but in my mind it's solved."


23:46 "Her own devastating Bronx tale is one of terror, domination, raging violence, and a bullet to the head."


27:30 "The relationship took a turn when we took a trip to Florida... he was beating her like the room was flipped over."


30:03 "It took me a couple of months to actually like get him out... it was just battles after fights after fights."


34:59 "All I feel is my head going to side to side... all I know is I feel this really cold and when I actually touched it was a lot of blood behind my head."


35:46 "The bullet lodged in her head was just just 1 cm away from killing her."


36:24 "Ramon didn't get far. He was in police custody in a matter of minutes."


38:01 "I didn't let that stop my life... I got my bachelor's degree. I had to continue."

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