When to Hit the Sell Button on Stocks

Key insights


Market sentiment showed a notable reversal in tech stocks, indicating a shift in investor focus.

Concerns arose regarding Garrett Cole's MRI on his right elbow, highlighting the impact of sports events on market attention.


The anticipation of Oracle's earnings report brings attention to the tech sector's financial health.


Discussion on the importance of volume in market movements and its implications for future trading sessions.


Industrial sector's performance dubbed as an "industrial size problem," suggesting potential sector-specific challenges.


Yields and crude oil trends were examined, offering insights into broader economic indicators.


Insights into the shifting dynamics within the tech leaders, indicating a reevaluation of stock positions.

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What is the main concern for Yankees fans discussed in the video?

Garett Cole going for an MRI on his right elbow is the main concern.

How did the speakers react to the tech market reversal?

The speakers were surprised by the lack of follow-through after the Friday reversal in tech stocks.

What is the expectation around Oracle's earnings?

There's anticipation to see if Oracle can recover after two quarters of significant losses post-earnings.

What trend line analysis was discussed for the S&P futures?

The discussion focused on a steep uptrend line that acts as a trailing stop, suggesting no immediate need to sell.

How is Carter Braxton Worth's view on the current stock market condition?

He believes that stocks are a better sale than a buy, questioning what will drive equities higher from the current levels.

Timestamped Summary


00:02 "Today's market call is presented by CME Group where risk meets opportunity and FactSet financial data and analytics."

00:15 "Garrett Cole is going for an MRI on his right elbow...Garrett Cole is one of the top two or three pitchers in baseball."


01:17 "There is a lot going on...that Friday reversal...interesting I would have expected a little more follow-through."


02:57 "The S&P futures...no new highs seemingly every day...holding fairly nicely here like a boss."


03:58 "Obviously we've drawn this pretty steep uptrend line and the market has followed it pretty consistently since November."


05:08 "Meta's down today...down off of the comment from former President Trump this morning on Squawk and Friends."


06:02 "The narrative is not too different than Apple in a way...the lack of Gen AI strategy and some of their cap tech platform companies kind of eating their lunch."


09:00 "Apple was being used as a source of funds and you had this kind of last dash for some of these sort of semi names."


12:58 "Talk to us a little bit about what we were just talking about...the reversal on Friday, what's your take on some of this price action?"


17:02 "The question is what is the catalyst to take equities as an asset class higher? Is it lower yields?"


20:20 "Oracle reporting tonight after the close...implied move is about 9% in either direction."


23:47 "Thoughts on the software space in general...the IGV...starting to churn and stall."


27:00 "Yields went down in the face of what sounded like hawkish commentary...there's downward pressure on yields."


33:00 "Let's pull up the XLI...how much progress this thing has made getting back to its prior 52-week high."


36:47 "Thoughts on Costco and maybe on the fly we'll pull up a couple big box...Walmart is doing well, it's green on the day."


40:41 "We have a brand new sponsor at Risk Reversal Media, that would be Fidelity Investments...focused on equities and options."

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