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A single mom's desperate escape from a rapist, who kidnapped her at gunpoint, beaten, and forced to pose for naked photos, leading to a chilling 72-minute ordeal.


The attacker's capture was facilitated by his mistake of leaving behind crucial evidence, leading to a shocking revelation about his identity.


An honors student's brutal murder, a mystery involving a masked intruder, and the investigation into her secret relationships, spotlighting the complexity of the case.


Detailed coverage of crime stories involving abduction, assault, and murder, highlighting the relentless efforts of law enforcement and journalists in pursuing justice.


Insight into the legal battles and trials, including defendants' defenses and the judicial process's outcomes, underscores the legal system's challenges and importance.


Examination of the opioid crisis, focusing on allegations against doctors and pharmaceutical companies, revealing the depth of the issue and its impact on victims and their families.

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How was the single mom in New York City attacked?

A single mom was kidnapped at gunpoint, beaten, and forced to pose for naked photos, experiencing 72 minutes of terror.

What led to the attacker's capture?

The attacker's mistake of leaving behind evidence, including a gun with his name taped to it, led to his capture.

Who was the attacker revealed to be?

The attacker was shockingly revealed to be a police officer, leading to disbelief and concern over potential justice.

What did the victim do to escape her attacker?

The victim made a daring escape by noticing the gun had fallen and utilizing the child lock on her car door to flee.

How did the victim handle the aftermath of her attack?

Despite facing PTSD and threats, the victim chose forgiveness and resilience, refusing to let the attack define her.

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00:00 "I'm Chris Hansen right now on Crime Watch Daily from here in New York City. Chilling video: a single mom desperately runs for her life trying to escape a rapist. 'He told me to get undressed and I was crying, shaking uncontrollably.' Kidnapped at gunpoint, beaten, and forced to pose for naked photos. It's 72 minutes of terror."


01:41 "Just imagine you're walking to your car in the middle of a busy parking lot. A crazy man drives up, sticks the barrel of a gun in your face, and tells you to get in or you're dead. What would you do? It could happen to any one of us, and it actually did happen to one woman in Ontario, California."

03:02 "Springtime about 7 years ago, Aon Orcut was loving her life as a new mom...but one Saturday in April, business was slow. Aon suddenly had an afternoon to herself when she left work early...but something really bad was about to happen."


04:00 "'Get in the car,' at first she thought it was just a coworker pulling a prank. 'When I saw the gun, this was no joke.' The stranger had a gun pointed directly at Aon."


07:00 "A daring escape: 'I booked it out, running, crying, and screaming,' the breathless moment caught on tape. And what the rapist leaves behind leaves cops speechless. 'What did you think when you saw that?' 'I was shocked.'


13:36 "Aon Orcut has just escaped the savage who kidnapped and viciously sexually assaulted her for more than an hour. It was literally a do or die moment. But now police have a suspect, and Aon wonders if she's in more danger than ever before."


24:00 "Welcome back to Crime Watch Daily. A 19-year-old honor student goes to bed with a bright future to dream about, only to be murdered in her sleep. Our special correspondent Kim Goldman investigates."


31:15 "With the opioid epidemic sweeping America, allegations fly that some greedy doctors are cashing in on the crisis. Crime Watch Daily goes inside the investigation. 'This is extremely dangerous, and people have died; people's lives have been ruined.'


39:17 "Criminals, we have .357 Magnum, heroin epidemic, drug dealers, 'This is why heroin is such an epidemic,' and scammer, 'You claimed you had cancer.' Crime Watch Daily is on the case. 'You have anything to say to your victims?' Remember, we are watching."

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